Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's the new year baby!

I am doing my annual new year's nesting.  I was deprived of it last year because of the mad dash of packing and moving.  After a year in this house things are messy and making me nuts.  I have so far straightened/reorganized my pantry, fridge, most drawers in the kitchen, the coat closet, utility closet, both my bedroom closets, and both boys' dressers.  I have three bags of garbage and two bags of stuff to donate.  Ironically I am procrastinating the biggest project of all...the toy room.  It will have to be done tomorrow.  My husband goes back to work tomorrow.

All the cleaning has lead me to ponder several things.

First, how do I acquire so much stuff??  I mean seriously, I generally don't shop except to buy food or to buy clothes to cover the body that has grown because I bought food.  Where did all this crud come from?

Second,  how much stuff do you have to have to be considered a hoarder?  I am third generation junk collector (and Mom, if you are reading this you have to admit that you are a collector of stuff....I have been in your basement...haha).   To add to that, I teach, so I am never sure if I am going to need that for a prize box toy, lesson activity, literacy center, math manipulative, etc.  I am sure that normal people do not save paint sample chips "just in case".

Third, am I passing on good habits to my kids?  My son actually had six toilet paper tubes in his bedroom.  I didn't know until today.  He said he was saving them to "make some kind of contraption later."  My other son actually had six junk drawers.  He had crammed all his clothes into the smaller dresser so he could use an entire dresser for his junk.  We took a whole trash bag out of there.  Whoa!

This is my first new year's resolution.  I will keep putting things back where they belong.  I will donate or pitch when I bring something new in.  In short, I will decrease clutter and increase organization.  I have a sneaking suspicion that having a less chaotic house will help me with my other resolutions...which I will blog about tomorrow.

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