Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Big Slacker Weekend

Everyone who knows me is aware that the situation at work this year is sucking the life from me as quickly as Edward Cullen sucks the blood from a bear.  Not the best analogy but it at least puts a positive spin on the negative truth about my current situation.....
This weekend I decided to be big giant slacker girl.  After a month and ten days of working a minimum of two hours at home (and those nights were the ones I fell asleep at the keyboard) in addition to my fifty hour work week I did nothing this weekend.  I did not clean my bathrooms.  I did not work on my weekly plans.  I did not fill out any forms.
I did go shopping, but I sandwiched groceries in between a couple of stops that were purely for me me me.
I did do laundry....but just because I was about out of underwear and I wanted to wash my new clothes.

Instead I made Saturday a designated "I am not talking about work" day and my husband took the rugrats to my in laws.  He came home, we had lunch and nap time in the silent house.  I slept for TWO HOURS without once hearing a fight or a crash and then we went to pick up my sister at college.  After a nice dinner at Joe's Crab Shack we went to see Weezer christen Bradley University's new arena (which I believe still is without a name....).
The arena was clean and still smelled of carpet glue and paint....mingled with popcorn and nachos from the concession stand.  It was also SMALL.  Our seats were about halfway up off to stage right.  I could see facial expressions on the people up halfway on stage left!  I could see the sweat on the band members.  After a while of people watching (in which I saw a herd of peeps in black and grey striped shirts and an easy dozen of some of the skankiest dressed girls ever!  -- this is why God didn't give me girls.  Had my daughter ever walked out in something as short and tight and sparkly as some of these girls had on I'd have to bury her.....seriously one dress was so tight I swear I could see the chic's ass pimples) the opening act took stage.  Unicycle loves you....they sucked....and that's all I have to say about that....
Then came Weezer.  I have seen a lot of really really freakin' awesome concerts.  This one was the most ENERGETIC ever.  The drummer and the guitar player kept switching positions.  Rivers played guitar and drank water while jumping on a trampoline.  Then Rivers toured the arena.....
When I say this I mean he climbed off stage up chairs over railings and walked completely around the entire venue....including standing in the seat right in front of us!  He was so close the words of my friend Erin echoed in my head "you go give Rivers a big ole smooch from me".  I could have.  He was that close.  He held my sister's hand.  He shook my husband's hand.  I touched his butt....Yep.  Not my most mature moment.  BUT (pun intended) I couldn't just smooch him...too chicken...this was more stealth.
I am sure his security guards were having coronaries but it brought such an energy to the venue.  It was an amazing show and well worth the seven plus hours of driving total (between kid drop/pick up, sister pick up and return, and us driving to the venue) and getting in at 1am.
I rolled out of bed at 11 this morning.  I haven't managed to get out of my pjs or even put on a bra.  I put dinner in the crockpot and caught up on all my DVRed shows.  I feel almost ready to tackle Monday....I haven't prepared for it in any way but relaxing and for now that's just fine....cuz I touched Rivers Cuomo's hotness!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My dirty little secret

I know you have been waiting with baited breath for a gossipy dirt flinging post.  Here it is.  Just for you!

I went and bought DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) for my youngest who is perpetually making up dances to things like: kidz bop, commercials, his Ipod, elevator music, songs in church...etc.  SECRETLY I wanted to play too.

I know you are shocked and amazed.  Me the pudgy white girl wanted to play DDR....
Here's your next shocker....I really really suck at it.  Despite what years of dancing at bars and clubs with my friends may have lead me to believe....I really really can't dance.  Two years of sporadic Zumba attendance may have made me sweat but has done nothing for my coordination.  I have enough Irish to appreciate potatoes and alcohol but not enough to make my feet move in any specific pattern or in coordination with some blinky arrows.

On the upside, Brian can't dance either.  We did some versions of Ice Ice Baby and My Prerogative that I am positive made Vanilla Ice and Bobby Brown break out in old fat uncoordinated white folk hives.  There may have been some small seismic effect from our bad-ness.  I am sure there is some strange bubble in the space time continuum just from the sheer effort it took for us to be as bad as we were.  We failed on BEGINNER....we failed on dance school.

Despite the phenomenon known as my "really bad dancing"  I think I might crack out the mat again while the kids are out riding their bikes and my husband is napping.  I am sure it was their laughing at me that made me so bad.....

Monday, September 6, 2010

Second Verse

Worse than the first?
I decided to get over the accidental deletion of my first blog in the fiasco I have named "The Great Hacker Caper of 2010" and try my hand at this again.

We went camping this weekend.  It was supposed to be something we did a lot this summer but with Brian's injury it just didn't happen.  When the fliers for boy scouts came home the boys started clamoring for the chance to join.  Not wanting to sell our souls and mortgage our house, we asked for the things they thought they would get to do with boy scouts that they wouldn't get to do otherwise.  They want to shoot bb guns, race model cars, camp and canoe.   Except for the pinewood derby I can recreate all of that at half the price and without the uniform so.....

After church on Sunday we packed up the truck and went to Meijer to get all the things we forgot we needed.  Light packers we are not.  We managed to load the entire back of the Pathfinder with all the stuff we needed for an overnight stay at a "primitive" campground.  Among the "necessities" were some nerf dart guns that my husband had so enjoyed at the BBQ Birthday party Saturday night.   I am hoping that is as close to a BB gun my kids get.  Since my husband comes from a hunting family, I have my doubts.

But I digress.  We finally made it to the campground at just before 3pm.  Got everything set up.  Decided against putting the rainfly on the tent.  It was a gorgeous, cloud free day.  A breeze blew through the campsite and sent butterflies and dragonflies scattering through the clearing.  The boys decided to take a mountain bike ride (and no comments about the lack of mountains in know what I mean).  Dyl's first ride lasted exactly fifteen min from helmeting up and getting back.  Evidently he wiped out and cried and came back to camp.  I have one sports boy and one mini me....

We decide to play nerf guns, croquet, frisbee and just hang out for a bit.  Then it occurs to us that it will get dewy....THATs why we needed the rain fly.  By then the breeze had graduated to a mild wind.  We manage to wrangle the damn thing over the top of the tent and straight over the other side.  Take two....we pull it gently half way then quickly attach two hooks while the thing blows over.  We grab the unattached side and drag it across again.  At this point I should mention that I am five foot three.  Reaching over the top of our ridiculously big tent is not in my skill set without a step stool.  But with a combination of jumping and tip toeing we get it across and fastened on the other two corners.  Step back and look....ummm...its the wrong way.  We take it off.  It flies all whackamajammy.  We try to put it on again.  Wrong again.  Try again.  Finally four tries in we get the dang fly on.  The tent adventure was done till we had to put it up today.

Camping is not generally my thing.  The hole in the ground potties.  The lack of running water.  The weird bugs and strange night noises.  I really enjoyed this though.  Life has been so chaotic and loud lately it was nice to be surrounded by silence.  There were other campers at the site but we rarely saw or heard them.  For fifteen minutes I was sitting in the sun looking up at a scalding blue sky and just feeling balanced.  It was just what the doctor ordered....along with a side of benadryl....