Thursday, January 5, 2012

I need to move it move it...'s tomorrow (ok not really, it is many tomorrows later but I got busy cramming a lot of break activities into the end of break).

Resolution number one could be summed up as, "don't put it down, put it away"
Resolution number two is to get moving.  It is so cliche.  I know.  I really do need to keep moving.  I have gotten so sucked into tv and the internet it is ridiculous.  I am setting a small goal right now.  I will exercise at least 30 min for 3 days a week.  This will be tricky with this stupid bruised tailbone but it is so unseasonably warm right now the only thing keeping me from going for a walk is me.

I want to look good in my swimsuit this summer.  I don't expect to look like a super model.  I am a middle class mom of two boys.  I am short.  I don't come from naturally thin stock.  I would like to jiggle less and maybe not have to get the longer of the two skirt options....

I want to keep up with my boys.  I don't expect to run around playing weird pokemon related games but being able to play soccer or ride bikes with them seems reasonable.  Not getting winded walking to the park or pedaling to the library seems like it should be achievable.

I am petrified of losing my mind.  Exercise is supposed to keep your brain healthy and ward off Alzheimers/dementia.  If I balance my tetris playing with moving I should be golden.

I am 50 pounds over my "healthy weight".  My BMI is in the 'obese" category.  My knees are clicky.  My back is sore.  Sitting is not helping.

So there.  I have outed myself.  Now I have to follow through :)  I have one more resolution to talk about "tomorrow".  Then on to the sit com of my life :)

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