Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 - the year of less

SO here I am to confess my third and final resolution.  It occurs to me as I reflect on my resolutions that overall my theme is to decrease - decrease clutter and increase organization, decrease my waistline and increase health and my third resolution decrease the amount of chemicals in my household.

I accidentally got into Pinterest after seeing several friends post on FB.  I got an invite, joined, and have become addicted.  I knew the inter web was huge but WOW so many recipes and crafts that I have been missing!  And funnies.  And clothing combos.  And house decorating ideas.  And....well you get the point. It has re-ignited my love of crafting and scared my husband into thinking I am turning crunchy granola.

Now,  I already make my own swiffer wet jet solution and until we moved and I needed cleaning stuff for a crowd I had made my own windex (when I use it up, I will be making my own again).  But did you know you can make your own HE washing machine soap, dishwasher soap, gel candles, bathroom cleaner, hand soap....  Well you get the picture.

Both of my kids currently have an ADHD diagnosis.  The oldest responds well to medication.  The youngest didn't respond and we are experimenting with behavior modification systems to find a way to support him.  It leads me to wonder if something in our environment has caused that.  Is something in my environment exacerbating my own medical issues?  What can I do to "go green" and decrease my footprint.

So we are trying to use less of things we can't pronounce.  Use less electricity.  Use less gas (now that they are both old enough to ride bikes at a reasonable pace!)

What do you do to help be more green and less....umm...non green?

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