Sunday, January 8, 2012

It all started with washing feet

If you talk to my husband he will tell you I am becoming increasing neurotic about what the common population calls "being green".  I recycle paper, plastic, and whatever soup cans are made of.  I am reading labels and trying to make healthier choices.  I am planning a compost pile and a garden.

I am also getting grumpier about the loose way my family and my students use the word "need".
 "I need a new game for my DS.  I beat this one already."
"I need some new shirts.  I don't like my old ones"
"I need" this card...this toy...this THING.....

I hope that I am responding to some enlightenment from God.  I am guessing I am really responding to some enlightenment from the impulse buy section in the checkout of walmart.  It was there, around Thanksgiving, I found a product that made me realize what a lazy spoiled bunch of people we Americans are.  It was one of those "as seen on TV" products.  Something designed solely to prevent you from having to bend over and wash your own feet.

Let me repeat...a product so you don't have to BEND OVER AND WASH YOUR FEET.

It is all here in their ad....

Easy Feet is the revolutionary new product designed to give you an easy, soothing way to clean your feet without the hassle of bending over, the danger of slipping in the shower, and without the strain of having to bend and attend to your soles! The Easy Feet is perfect for feet of all ages. Adults and children alike can benefit from the comfort of cleaner and healthier feet.
( - if you want to see for yourself)

The hassle of bending over?  Really?  Maybe ...maybe when I was eight or nine months pregnant...but really by then I figured the soap was getting down there thanks to gravity.

What kind of world do we live in where not only did someone think that washing their feet was a hassle but someone else shared that thought AND a marketing department made an ad for it?  Then a blog turned me on to First World Problems( it spiraled from there.

We have really lost sight of the big picture.  We are destroying our planet with our obsession with things and our ignorance of what truly matters.  

So yes.  I am going granola.  I am looking for ways to show my kids the only things we truly need are love, God, food, shelter, and clothing (basic clothing) the rest is just icing on our cake!

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