Saturday, April 9, 2011

My head hurts

So, it was once said by a wise aide during an especially trying day, "This feels like being the only sober person in a bar"

I am having one of those weeks.  Yesterday was full of "failure to communicate" moments and this morning started very similarly.....

Dyl comes in my room every morning to see if it is too late for me to call in.  He has this amazing "stomachache, tired, headache, leg ache" illness that strikes between 6 and 7am on school days and church days and any time he is asked to do a chore.  He is sitting on the floor in my closet.  Brenden walks in to dig in the sox box to see if he can find some socks without holes.  

We are chatting about this and that as I patiently wait for them all to leave so I can get dressed without stepping on one or the other.  Brenden mentions that he would like to watch the movie, The Ten Commandments.  I explain that he's on his own with that one because no one else in the family wants to watch.

Dylan says "I want to see it!  I don't know what the ten commandments are anyway" (Now I know that he has heard about the ten commandments at church - I am his faith formation teacher!)

Brenden, "They are the rules"

Mom, "They are the ten rules that God gave us to live by.  Honor your mother and father.  Don't steal.  Don't hurt or kill other people.  Respect God."

Dylan, "Oh I heard of don't steal...."

Brenden, "There are more than 10."  (WHUCK?)
Mom, "Ummmm no there are 10, its in the title"
Brenden, "No, there is communion and Easter"
Mom,"Those aren't commandments"
Brenden, "Trust me there are more than 10"

At which point I kicked them all out.  Seriously.  That is not the first conversation I want to have in the morning.  It was much like yesterday's conversation
Me:"Write your sentence on this piece of paper"
Student: "Can I write on the paper?"