Friday, June 10, 2011

Questionable at Best (part 1)

**Author's note - I originally posted this on FB....I couldn't open blogger from the hotel...who knows why....**

I have many tattooed friends.  Some of their tattoos are neat, some are questionable....but all of them have significance to the person who put them on their body permanently. I respect that.

Here in the waterpark capital of the world, I have had the pleasure (??) of judging random strangers' tats.  Let me share some of the more memorable....

Your tattoo might be a fail if.... have chosen "trust no one" across your NECK!
....from a distance your tattoo looks like a weird mole on the outside of your knee...but upon way closer inspection (like when you almost fell in my lap at the wave pool) it is some tribal symbol in black and the size of a half dollar. have in large letters the names and birthdates of all your children.....paragraph style across your entire back.  Hope you don't have any more or someone's name is gonna end on your butt. have a girl's name tattooed from shoulder blade to shoulder blade....hope you stay together or limit yourself to dating girls of the same name.
.....OR you are said girl and you have the boy's name in a large heart on your shoulder....see above and best of luck Tracy and Kyle.... have a name and birth/death date on your back tombstone style. have a quote that is so long that I will have to ask permission to stand and stare at your pec long enough to read the whole thing.

I really enjoy people watching and I thank these people and their choices that have made it possible for me to have several good laughs.  If you thought these were interesting....just wait for part 2....swimsuit fails....

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