Saturday, June 18, 2011

Life's great mysteries

It is a thundery, rainy, stormy day today (and kind of feels like it has been like that all summer so far) and I am sitting here, tired, pondering some of life's great mysteries, such as:

**My kids have gone to bed at 8pm for the last 18 days and gotten up at about 6:30am.  Last night they went to bed at 10:30.  Logically they should get up at 8:30....nope....6:30 this morning they were moving around in their rooms.  What's up with that?

**Most days I stop eating after dinner and in the mornings I wake up and am not hungry for about an hour.  Why is it  when I eat a lot the night before (we had a BBQ) I wake up STARVED the next morning like I haven't eaten for days?

**My boys are very smart.  They have good grades and their teachers love them.  What strange vibrations come from the TV that render them incapable of listening, comprehending, or even registering that other people exist?  Spongebob Deafness is a real condition....we need a not for profit research group to find a cure.

** Why are people afraid of eating the "last one".  Inevitably there is always one cookie, one stuffed mushroom,  one scoop of salad left in a bowl.....

**What great force field exists around the laundry.  Not only is there the age old mystery of the odd sock but there is the great repelling force that causes laundry to NOT get in the hamper.  The amount of clothing next to, behind, and in front of my kids' hampers is amazing.....

**And finally, one of life's greatest mysteries....what is so freakin' hard about changing the TP roll?

What are some of your great mysteries?

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