Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Big Slacker Weekend

Everyone who knows me is aware that the situation at work this year is sucking the life from me as quickly as Edward Cullen sucks the blood from a bear.  Not the best analogy but it at least puts a positive spin on the negative truth about my current situation.....
This weekend I decided to be big giant slacker girl.  After a month and ten days of working a minimum of two hours at home (and those nights were the ones I fell asleep at the keyboard) in addition to my fifty hour work week I did nothing this weekend.  I did not clean my bathrooms.  I did not work on my weekly plans.  I did not fill out any forms.
I did go shopping, but I sandwiched groceries in between a couple of stops that were purely for me me me.
I did do laundry....but just because I was about out of underwear and I wanted to wash my new clothes.

Instead I made Saturday a designated "I am not talking about work" day and my husband took the rugrats to my in laws.  He came home, we had lunch and nap time in the silent house.  I slept for TWO HOURS without once hearing a fight or a crash and then we went to pick up my sister at college.  After a nice dinner at Joe's Crab Shack we went to see Weezer christen Bradley University's new arena (which I believe still is without a name....).
The arena was clean and still smelled of carpet glue and paint....mingled with popcorn and nachos from the concession stand.  It was also SMALL.  Our seats were about halfway up off to stage right.  I could see facial expressions on the people up halfway on stage left!  I could see the sweat on the band members.  After a while of people watching (in which I saw a herd of peeps in black and grey striped shirts and an easy dozen of some of the skankiest dressed girls ever!  -- this is why God didn't give me girls.  Had my daughter ever walked out in something as short and tight and sparkly as some of these girls had on I'd have to bury her.....seriously one dress was so tight I swear I could see the chic's ass pimples) the opening act took stage.  Unicycle loves you....they sucked....and that's all I have to say about that....
Then came Weezer.  I have seen a lot of really really freakin' awesome concerts.  This one was the most ENERGETIC ever.  The drummer and the guitar player kept switching positions.  Rivers played guitar and drank water while jumping on a trampoline.  Then Rivers toured the arena.....
When I say this I mean he climbed off stage up chairs over railings and walked completely around the entire venue....including standing in the seat right in front of us!  He was so close the words of my friend Erin echoed in my head "you go give Rivers a big ole smooch from me".  I could have.  He was that close.  He held my sister's hand.  He shook my husband's hand.  I touched his butt....Yep.  Not my most mature moment.  BUT (pun intended) I couldn't just smooch him...too chicken...this was more stealth.
I am sure his security guards were having coronaries but it brought such an energy to the venue.  It was an amazing show and well worth the seven plus hours of driving total (between kid drop/pick up, sister pick up and return, and us driving to the venue) and getting in at 1am.
I rolled out of bed at 11 this morning.  I haven't managed to get out of my pjs or even put on a bra.  I put dinner in the crockpot and caught up on all my DVRed shows.  I feel almost ready to tackle Monday....I haven't prepared for it in any way but relaxing and for now that's just fine....cuz I touched Rivers Cuomo's hotness!!

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