Sunday, September 12, 2010

My dirty little secret

I know you have been waiting with baited breath for a gossipy dirt flinging post.  Here it is.  Just for you!

I went and bought DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) for my youngest who is perpetually making up dances to things like: kidz bop, commercials, his Ipod, elevator music, songs in church...etc.  SECRETLY I wanted to play too.

I know you are shocked and amazed.  Me the pudgy white girl wanted to play DDR....
Here's your next shocker....I really really suck at it.  Despite what years of dancing at bars and clubs with my friends may have lead me to believe....I really really can't dance.  Two years of sporadic Zumba attendance may have made me sweat but has done nothing for my coordination.  I have enough Irish to appreciate potatoes and alcohol but not enough to make my feet move in any specific pattern or in coordination with some blinky arrows.

On the upside, Brian can't dance either.  We did some versions of Ice Ice Baby and My Prerogative that I am positive made Vanilla Ice and Bobby Brown break out in old fat uncoordinated white folk hives.  There may have been some small seismic effect from our bad-ness.  I am sure there is some strange bubble in the space time continuum just from the sheer effort it took for us to be as bad as we were.  We failed on BEGINNER....we failed on dance school.

Despite the phenomenon known as my "really bad dancing"  I think I might crack out the mat again while the kids are out riding their bikes and my husband is napping.  I am sure it was their laughing at me that made me so bad.....

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