Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sandpaper People

God talks to me.  Not in that crazy, we have a glass of wine and he advises me on my stock options kind of way.  Not in the call the guys in the white coats with the straight jackets kind of way.  But he talks to me.

Yesterday I checked in on my favorite girlfriends daily devotional blog (which is only daily if I actually had time to check it daily instead of randomly).  The topic was loving others the way they are and loving unconditionally.  Including Sandpaper People.  You know Sandpaper people.  The ones who rub all your nerves raw.  The ones who you duck into a storage closet to avoid when you see them coming down the hall.  The ones who make you tense and uncomfortable.  As I read this I had an image of a person pop into my head.

Tonight I went to my Why Catholic? class.  As much as it sounds super geeky it is a type of bible study/catechism study group for adults.  We look at the church's belief tenets and their roots in the scripture and talk about them in terms of the real world.  We have a group of eight and have excellent, deep discussions.  It is one of my favorite two hours of the week.  Our discussion topic tonight?  Love one another as I love you.....and the 10 commandments.  Hmmmmm....love everyone?  Even the sandpaper people.

It is amazing though if you stop and think of the basic premise of the 10 commandments in terms of the big picture.  Have faith, don't want what you haven't got, be nice, don't take what isn't yours.   Hmmmmm....have faith.  Not kill people because they don't have YOUR faith.  Just have A FAITH in GOD....
Don't want what isn't yours, don't be jealous, don't take it if it isn't yours.  True riches are intangible things. Love, the laughter of children, the wisdom of elders, friendship.  No amount of money will buy you those things.  Jealousy breeds contempt, anger, competition.  Have you ever worked really hard on your house and fallen into bed at night full of satisfaction and exhaustion?  Was that feeling awesome?  How about when you have done something you know was probably not your shining moment of good-ness?  Was that feeling as good?
What if countries followed this motto? Here are our borders.  We'll stay out of yours and treat you like we would like to be treated.

What if I followed this motto?  What if I was kind to the Sandpaper Person in my life.  The one I have ranted and raved to my husband about.  The one I say is self centered and disrespectful.  What if instead of saying hurtful things behind her back and totally avoiding her I stepped up and treated her the way I would like to be treated, with kindness.  With respect and dignity.  With a smile and a compliment or kind word.  How would that change my days?

I will let you know....

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