Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ISAT and other fun times

So last week was ISAT and while my classroom is usually the generator of really funny things, ISAT brought it to a whole new level....For those of you who don't know the ISAT is Illinois' version of the high stakes test that is to measure "adequate yearly progress".  It is six hour long tests over a four day period for third graders.  Here is a sampling of random things heard in my classroom during our testing sessions:
*(while looking at a diagram of a prairie dog home with "dry room" as one of the labels) "Hey look, this is where they keep their dryer"
*I don't know much about this subject, do I have to write on this prompt or can I just write something else?"
*Hmmmmm, "I think I'll pick A"
*Let me take a closer look (moves face closer to page)

One of my students also had a little "in his seat" boogie he kept doing.  It became impossible for any of the three adult moderators to make eye contact with each other.  The kids really tried (for the most part) and by Thursday they were totally fried and slap happy.  We played an inferring game Thursday after the last test.  Between the fact they were wiped out and the fact I was wiped out when one of them guessed "chicken" for a riddle which had "hardest bone in the body" as one of the clues we ended up laughing so hard that I was crying and people from adjoining rooms came in to see what the noise was.

It was good to get back to normal on Monday.  The only funny thing I heard all day was "I fell at recess and my skin fell off".  Don't worry though, he only skinned his knee.

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